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Banner exchange software / link exchange software
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Ad Server Solutions provides automated banner exchange and link exchanget software applications and remotely hosted ad serving services for online advertising. Buy and sell advertising space, manage, track and report all advertising. Using Ad Server Solutions ad server software for all of your ad management needs will help Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency and Maximize Revenue.

A banner exchange, also known as a link exchange is a group of websites that operate similarly to a web ring. Webmasters register their web sites with a main organization that runs the exchange, and in turn receive from the exchange an ad code which they insert into their web pages.

The ads are then downloaded from the banner exchange. A monitor on the banner exchange determines, from the referral information supplied, how many times a member web site has displayed the advertisements of other members, and credits that member with a number of displays of its banner on some other member's web site. Banner exchanges usually operate on a 2:1 ratio, such that for every two times a member shows a second member's banner advertisement, that second member displays the first member's banner advertisement. This page impressions:credits ratio is the exchange rate

Ad Server Solutions provides marketing and technology solutions for online marketers and publishers which are used for managing rich media ad delivery, ad inventory, geographical ad targeting, revenue generation, live statistics and real time reporting. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of every web site owner. We provide award winning online advertising automated self serving Ad Management software (ad server software), Ad Network software, Affiliate software and Banner Exchange Software.

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             Ad Management Software (Ad Server Software)          

  • Manage and serve Rich Media ads
  • Rotate, track, report and serve ads for your affiliate programs
  • CPM, CPC, CPA and Timed delivery advertising
  • Mobile ad serving
  • Java, Php and Asp codes provided for delivery to blogs, browsers, mobile devices, rss, xml, email and multi media
  • Track, report, serve ads on websites, ezines and newsletters
  • Deliver, track and serve rich media formats such as Contextual Ads, Java Applets, Flash, RotatingText, Text Ads, Floating Sticky Ads, Moving Ads, Scratch Offs, Vertical Scroller, Shockwave,  Audio, Video, Mpeg, Avi, Pop ups/unders, Gateway Pages, Slide Shows, Rich Media Ads, Third party ads.
  • Manage website and newsletter advertising space
  • Track and report  pay per click listings, Contextual ads such as Overture, Yahoo, Google, Findwhat,
  • Track and report the links to your web pages
  • Manage and distribute content such as articles, page content
  • More Information / Detailed Feature List
  • Online DEMO / Schedule a Live Demo / Order and Pricing

    Ad Network Software

  • Fully Automated Self Serve Ad System
  • Publishers/Advertisers can automatically Sign Up
  • Buy and Sell ad Space Automatically
  • Automated payment system to sell advertising
  • Run an Ad Network with hundreds of millions of impressions like DoubleClick. Now you can  with our software and have full control.
  • Security: Privileged based access to data and tasks based on roles and individuals, allowing you to control access to data as well as the actions permitted to certain individuals.
  • Billing Interface for all clients
  • Extensive controls to protect brand sensitive clients.
  • Customer Data information.
  • Permissioning which ensures privacy control and thorough management of how information is shared.
  • Complete control over all data including advertising mediums, ad file types and file types allowed.
  • More Information / Detailed Feature List
  • Online DEMO / Schedule a Live Demo / Order and Pricing

    Affiliate Network Software (Affiliate marketing)

  • Run an Affiliate Network like ClickBank, DarkBlue or Linkshare
  • Compatibility with all shopping carts and payment systems
  • Fraud controls and fraud management
  • Extensive Payout Options: Pay Per Sale (Percentage), Pay Per Sale (Flat Rate Payout), Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate tracking software. Affiliate Network platform allows you to have unlimited affiliate ad networks and online merchants in a marketplace portal to market and sell products and services
  • All in one affiliate management solution. Affiliate tracking platform
  • Lead generation
  • Financial reports
  • One affiliate admin, unlimited advertisers/merchants and unlimited publishers & affiliates
  • Merchant program low balance
  • Search functions
  • Bonus Programs
  • Ad pools
  • More Information and Detailed Feature List
  • Online DEMO / Schedule a Live Demo / Order and Pricing

    Affiliate Software
  • Unlimited Tiers!  No restrictions!
  • Pay per click, per sale, per lead, per email address, per impression, per download -- or any measurable event.
  • Start your own affiliate program and only pay for results.
  • Support for recurring Commissions
  • Self Replicating Pages 
  • Tons of features!
  • More Information / Detailed Feature List
  • Online DEMO / Schedule a Live Demo / Order and Pricing

    Banner Exchange Software

  • Start a banner exchange, text exchange, link exchange, button exchange, pop up/under exchange or exit exchange.
  • Built in cheating protection to prevent users from illegally accumulating impressions. 
  • Exchange co branding allows you to create a co-branded look to your Exchange. Customize your Sign up page, banners, ads, text, logos, page color, font color and more.
  • Customize categories for your Exchange.
    Example:  Business, Computers, Internet, Etc
  • Set dynamically changing ads to prevent banner burnout. You can set ads to refresh, changing the ad to new customers through the use of banners, text ads or rich media ads.  
  • More Information / Detailed Feature List
  • Online DEMO / Schedule a Live Demo / Order and Pricing

    Ad Server Solutions provides ad server software applications, hosted ad serving services, dedicated server hosting, branding packages, custom programming, source code purchases and software reseller plans. If you want a feature or customized look please send us your requirements and we will provide you with a time frame and cost for the programming. Or purchase the software application source code and customize/modify the software for your own needs.

    If you want monthly Hosted Ad Serving, software as a service Please go to our website Ad Serving Solutions. Subscription pricing, and software that's stored remotely, or "hosted," rather than installed directly on a business' own servers. Ad Serving Solutions also offers complete dedicated servers for any project.

Ad Server Solutions

Ad Server Solutions
is a provider of banner exchange and link exchange software, ad technology, and
hosted ad serving solutions to serve rich media ads. Solutions are used
for managing rich media, ad serving, ad delivery, ad inventory, geographical ad targeting, revenue generation, live statistics and real time reporting.


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